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Idea to an Award Winning Product

Design cycle of a disposable shisha head 

2012 - 13

Shisha banner.png

The idea

The idea was to design a disposable product that function as the shish head of a water pipe. Key customer benefit that are to be delivered with its features are:

Ease of use

No massy manual serving process. No cutting foil. No puncturing holes

Best hygiene

Flavoured substance is to be protected with hermetic sealing and food grade materials to be used.

Premium design

An elegant form as per the function to be designed for the premium market. 

Actualisation of the idea

A lot of experiments were done to finalise on best materials, forms, proportions & technology for desired performance in targeted cost bracket. A glimpses of one of the experiments:

Temperature distribution vs Materials 

Design evolves

Infusing premium-ness

As the disposable-head was to be designed for mid & upscale global markets (not high-end), the concept needed to be refined further for its better usability, functionality, performance & aesthetics to provide a premium experience, yet the value to the cost.

Enhancing Usability

Enhancing Performance

When the Shisha is lit and there is no activity, the coal heats the adjoining air inside the cone. Due to the process of natural convection, the hot air rises up while the cooler heavier air settles at the bottom of the cone raising the temperature of the top portion of the cone which contains the flavour considerably.


  • Temperature withstand test.

  • Leak test against sticker sealing.

  • Smoke draft and air flow test. 

  • Juice dripping under high temperature.

Testing at each stage

From segmental testing rigs to a full working prototype, one by one sub-assemblies and their functions got tested and improved.  


Around 100 units of Misha head prototype were produced to establish the design for mass manufacturing.

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And then...

Thank you for your time.

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