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Hi there, I am a...

UX Expert &  
Product Designer

Currently based in Bangalore, India where I am leading and managing innovations for various clients at Ernst & Young LLP with the title of Senior Manager UX design. I have 12 years of progressive experience handling design projects in diversified verticals with varied scopes, objectives, and business goals. I am a product obsessive and like to craft intuitive and optimised experiences that are functional yet enjoyable to use.


This platform showcases a few of my professional projects and side-hustles. The case studies here are presented in limited capacity due to confidential nature of projects. For more details please reach out to me at

UX Case Studies

LMS _1366.jpg
LMS _Laptop for web 1.png

Crafting the 360° Learning Experience for Online Professional Courses

Learning Environment & Managing System 

2017 - 2018

E-learning  |  LMS design 

Enhancing UX for Learning & Development Admin App

A tool for managing learners & learnings

2017 - 2018

EAP _ipad for Web.png

E-learning  |  Productivity tool design

Zeon _for thumbnail.jpg

Improving Efficiency of Financial Crime Investigation Process

A financial crime surveillance tool


Fintech App Design 


Designing Experience For Fleet Management & Performance System

A fleet management app for managing telematics-enabled commercial vehicles

Eicher for Thumbnail 1.png
Eicher for Thumbnail 2.png

Fleet Tracking & Monitoring  |  Productivity App

Other Design Projects

Design, Evolve, Develop & Deliver a batch of prototypes

Disposable Hookah Head



Co-Initiated & Conducted
47 Days of Devanagari Type

Instagram based typography-challenge to express Devanagari letterforms

2017 & 2019

Screenshot 2021-06-20 at 3.53_edited.png
Screenshot 2021-06-20 at 9.35.02 AM.png

Automotive Demo Unit for exhibiting
an Interactive Car Dashboard Concept

Design for Unit Production



Face-lift of an entertainment news website



Meaww UI for web 1.jpg
Meaww UI for web.jpg

Key clients, I have worked with

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